Fund Raising


Thank you for raising money for Mama Sabina Foundation!

Congratulations on taking the first step to improving the lives of the people of Africa! We are excited to learn that Africa is where you want to help and Mama Sabina Foundation is who you want to support. Mama Sabina Foundation partners with people in the entire world who share the same mind of empowering people with challenges they face in their day to to day life. No group is too large or too small to host a successful fundraiser. Here are some examples: Here’s how you can help:.

Friends and Family

Quilting circles, book clubs, family reunions, marathon training groups, exercise groups and special occasions (in lieu of wedding gifts or funeral flowers, as birthday gifts or to mark other occasions).


Churches, mosques and synagogues; youth groups and neighborhood organizations; civic groups, professional organizations and police/firefighter organizations; and many, many more.


Athletic teams, student government, fraternities and sororities, theater clubs, language clubs, band/choir/glee clubs, cheerleaders, debate teams, science clubs — even grade school classes are not too young.