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Teaching & Cultural Learning

By joining this program, you will have the unique opportunity to assist local staff by teaching and mentoring students coming from impoverished communities. This volunteer program offers individuals the opportunity to work with primary school-aged children (5 years to 12 years) and secondary school-aged children (13 years to 17 years). Your role will be to teach and assist in a variety of ways. You can teach English, Math, or Science at your comfort to identified classes, or work with a teacher and assist in reading comprehension. You will have an opportunity to engage with many students in the classroom, one-on-one, and during classroom breaks.

Healthcare & Wellness

Are you interested in the health and wellness of others? Or perhaps you are a health or medical practitioner?. This program places you in an institution which addresses health and wellness issues. You will take part in projects around HIV/AIDS awareness, gender based violence, chronic disease management. We are seeking volunteers who are studying medicine or nursing, or volunteers who wish to make a contribution in health awareness in our Center in Kenya.

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